How to Lookup Texas Teacher Certificate Online?

This is a detailed guide to SBEC certification lookup online. Lookup TEA -Texas teacher certificate online without registering and logging in using the official website of Texas Education Agency –

If you are planning to become a teacher in Texas,  you have plenty of work to do. First of all, you have to decide what kind of teacher you want to be. Then you have to :

  • Get a bachelors degree
  • Complete teacher preparation program.
  • Pass certification
  • Pass a national criminal background check

SBEC Certification Lookup

SBEC Texas Teacher Certification

All the above-mentioned things are important to become a teacher in Texas. Getting certified is the most important thing among them. After becoming certified, you can call yourself a teacher with pride. What if your certificate is lost or damaged?. You don’t have to worry, you can look up your Texas educator certificate and make a copy online.

SBEC Certification Lookup

Looking up State Board for Educator Certification – SBEC teacher certificate is easy. The lookup facility is available on the Texas Education Agency website. You don’t have to bother about registering or logging into the TEA website. You can find your Texas teacher certificate by searching your name.

Follow below link to visit SBEC – TEA Texas teacher certification lookup page

Go to TEA teacher certification lookup

Texas Teacher Certification Lookup

Type your name here and search. First and last names are mandatory for the TEA teacher certificate lookup.

After typing your last and first names, click Search.

A list of names that matches your query will be displayed on the next page. You have to find yours from that list. Click on the name to find whether it is yours or not.

SBEC TEA Teacher Certification Lookup

You can view a glossary of certificate statuses here


Printing SBEC Teacher Certificate

There is no print button on the page. So to make a hard copy of your certificate, you have to click the right mouse button on the certificate and then click Print.