How to Contact GEICO Insurance Customer Service?

GEICO 1800 number, e-mail, and address. GEICO – Government Employees Insurance Company is one of the biggest insurance companies in the United States. Their headquarters is in Maryland. Their primary focus in on auto insurance.

How to Contact GEICO Insurance Customer Service

There is more than one way to contact GEICO customer service. The fastest and easiest way to contact customer service is by calling the phone number.

GEICO 1800 Number

GEICO 1800 Number

There are multiple 1800 numbers. For different types of services, the phone numbers are also different.

  Type GEICO 1800 Numbers
Main (800) 207-7847
Emergency Roadside Service (800) 424-3426
Commercial (866) 509-9444
Property (800) 241-8098
 Military (800) 645-4827
Motorcycle (800) 44-29253

GEICO Customer Service E-Mail

Apart from calling their phone numbers, you can contact the customer service by e-mail also. For this, you need to visit the e-mail page on their website and select the type of service you are seeking. You can use this link to go there: Go to GEICO customer service e-mail

Contacting GEICO by Mail

There are different mailing addresses to contact GEICO. It differs based on the subject and based on your location. You can see a complete list of mailing address using this link: View GEICO Mailing addresses