How to verify Florida physician license online?

This is a detailed guide to verify the Florida physician license/doctor license online. Florida medical license lookup using the FL Department of Health official website  –

In the modern world, we cannot think about life without consulting a doctor once at least in 6 months. Doctors play important roles in our lives. They help and comfort us when we are hurt or have fallen ill. They are next to god for everyone. Why we value doctors this much? because we value our health more than anything. So verifying a doctor’s qualifications and other professional details are so much important before consulting him/her.

Florida Medical License Lookup Online

You can verify a medical practitioner’s professional details in Florida using the Department of Health official website: There is a license verification facility on the website you can use it for Florida medical license lookup.

Follow the below link to visit the Florida Department of Health website for verifying a doctor’s license.

Go to Florida physician license lookup 

Florida Medical License Lookup

For looking up a doctor’s license, you need to provide some information first not narrow down the results. If you know which board/council he/she is in or which branch of medicine he/she is practicing, you can select it from lists already there on the page. Otherwise, fill up just the first and last names of the doctor of whom license you are searching.

After filling up search details, click Search.


Florida Physician License Lookup

A list of doctors will be displayed on the next page. You can view more details by clicking on the license number.

Florida Department of Health License Lookup

Viewing the medical practitioner’s specialty, education, and other details

You can view even more details like his/her education and training, specialty certification, license information, etc. by clicking on the Practitioner profile.

Printing Florida physician license information

For printing the doctor’s details, click the Printer-friendly version link on the top right. You can also export the details to a file and download it into your computer/smartphone using this.