Does Costco Do Eye Exams ?

Question: Does Costco do eye exams? and how much does it cost for a Costco eye exam?

Yes, they do, and from the majority opinion, they do it good. Eye exams are available in almost every wholesale location of Costco.

Costco Eye Exams

Costco Eye ExamsCostco eye exams are conducted by independent optometrists. These exams are available at most Costco locations. There is not much difference in having an eye test at an optometrist’s private clinic and examining your eye at Costco. The major difference between both of these are Costco eye tests are much cheaper than an eye exam conducted at a private clinic. Costco provides eye examinations for contact lenses also.

Do I need an appointment for examining my eyes at Costco?

Usually, no appointment is needed for an eye test at Costco. If you make an appointment, it will be easier for you if so many others are there for the same reason.

How much does an eye exam cost at Costco?

Eye exams at Costco are conducted by independent eye doctors, so the prices may vary between locations. Usually, eye exams cost between $70-$100.

Do I need to buy eyeglasses from Costco if I take an eye exam there?

Buying eyeglasses is not necessary for having an eye exam at Costco. They will give you the prescription for eyeglasses after completing the eye exam, you can buy eyeglasses from anywhere with that prescription.

Do I need a membership for eye exams?

You don’t need a Costco membership for your eyes examined. You can even make an appointment with an optometrist even if you are not a member. If you want to buy eyeglasses or contact lenses from Costco, you will need a membership.

Does Costco accept vision insurance?

Yes, they accept most vision insurance plans for eye exams.

How can I schedule an eye appointment at Costco?

You can find your nearest Costco wholesale location which offers eye examinations by using Costco warehouse location finder. Contact information of wholesale locations is there on the website.  After finding a convenient location, make a call to the phone number, and schedule an appointment.