How to Disable Windows Defender in Windows 10, 8 & 7?

Microsoft Defender aka Windows Defender is an anti-malware protection component integrated with the Microsft Windows operating system. it provides real-time protection against viruses and anti-malware. Even if it is built-in with the Windows OS and does not require any additional installation, users install additional anti-virus software with the hope of getting better protection. If your computer has another anti-virus software installed on it, you may disable the Windows Defender. Because most of the anti-virus software consumes a very large amount of resources such as memory and processing power. Running more than one anti-virus software may cause your computer to run slow.


Windows Defender


How to disable Windows Defender

You can disable Windows Defender in multiple ways. This one is the easiest way to turn it off.

1) Go to Control Panel

Control Panel


2) Open Administrative Tools

Administrative Tools


3) Open Services



4) You can see a list of windows services. Find Windows Defender and open it by double-clicking.

Services List


5) To stop Windows Defender, click on the Stop button. It will turn off the service temporarily, the defender service will start after restarting your computer. If you want to turn off Windows Defender permanently, select Disabled from the Startup Type dropdown list and click OK.

Windows Defender Service


How to re-enable Windows Defender?

To enable windows defender, follow the above steps and select startup type as AutomaticIf you want to start it immediately without restarting your computer, click on the Start button.