How to Pay Cricket Wireless Bill Without Logging In?

Cricket Wireless is a US-based smartphone company.  They provide their service to approximately 10 million customers in the United States. For paying a cricket wireless bill, you have multiple options. You can either create an account on their website and make payment after logging in to your account or you can use Cricket Wireless quick pay – a one-time easy guest pay service without signing in to your account.

Cricket Wireless Quick Pay – One Time Guest Payment Online Without Logging In

This is the easiest way to pay your Cricket bill online. It is simple, and you only need your Cricket Wireless number to make the payment. To do the easy payment, follow the below link to visit the Quick Pay page of the Cricket Wireless website.

Go to Cricket Wireless Quick Pay


Cricket Quick Pay

On this page, type your phone number.

There are three payment methods available for making the payment. They are,


Credit or Debit Card


Credit Debit Card

To pay using a credit/debit card,  select this option, fill up your card details, check the Accept check box, and click Review Payment.


Cricket Refill Card


Refill Card

If you want to make the payment using a Cricket refill card, you can use this. Type your refill card number and click Validate to proceed with the payment.


Service Payment Card


Service Payment Card


If you have a service payment card, you can use it to make the payment. For this, type your card details such as card number, expiration date, security code here, check the Accept check box, and click Review Payment.

After selecting the payment method you want to use, and filling up the payment details and the amount, you can make the payment through the payment method you’ve selected. You will get a notification on the screen and as a text message if the payment is successful.

How do I pay my friend’s Cricket phone bill online?

You can pay your cricket bill as well as someone else’s cricket bill using the quick pay service. However, you need the Cricket phone number for which you are making the payment.