How to activate UK Barclaycard?

This is a detailed guide to Barclaycard activate using and over the phone, Barclay online my Barclay card account creation and login.

Barclaycard is a division of Barclays, a major UK  financial services company. They provide credit card payment services in the UK and presently have more than 10 million customers in the UK alone.

Barclaycard Activate – Activating Barclay Card UK

After receiving the Barclay credit card,  before making payment using the card, you need to activate it. There are three ways for activating UK Barclaycard.  You can use either one method to activate your UK Barclaycard. Available methods are,

  • UK Barclaycard activation online using Barclays website –
  • Activating UK Barclaycard by phone
  • Barclaycard UK activation using Android/iOS app

Barclaycard Activate online using UK Barclay website –

For activating your Barclay card, you need an account in Barclays online services. If you already have one, you can log in to your account using your existing login id and password to my Barclaycard account. Otherwise, you should register an account to use any online services provided by Barclays.

Barclaycard online servicing account registration

For registering an account, you should be the main cardholder. You will get 10 minutes to create an account, after that, you will be logged out. So you need to be quick to create a Barclaycard account.

Click here to visit Barclaycard registration UK

Barclaycard UK Registration

On the registration page, you have to provide some details like your details, contact details, id and password for a new account, etc. After filling up all details that are required for registering an account and accepting T&C, click Register to proceed.

After registration, you will receive an activation email in the e-mail address you have filled up at the time of registration. There will be a link in that e-mail for activating your account (Not card activation, only online my Barclaycard account). You can activate your Barclay online servicing account by clicking on the activation link.

Barclaycard login to my Barclaycard account and activating your card

Click here to visit the login page of  Barclaycard UK website  –

Barclaycard UK Activation Mybarclaycard Login

Type your login id and password to sign in to the Barclaycard account. After signing in, you can activate your card using your account dashboard.

Barclaycard UK activate over the phone

This is another method for activating your Barclay card. For activation, you’ll need to call the Barclaycard activation phone number and follow the instructions given to you over the phone.

Barclaycard activation phone number : 0800 068 4499

Barclay card activation using Android/iOS app

To activate your Barclay card, you need to download and install the Barclaycard iOS/Android app on your mobile phone. Make sure that you have the card in your hand and you know your credit limit before beginning the activation process through the mobile app. After downloading and installing, you can log in to your account and do the activation process using the app.

Links for Barclays mobile apps

For iOS:

For Android: